Note: This page is for those who can insert help wiki pages for SKO.
Follow the steps below:
  1. Open Editor with helpOn=1 ( This is window A.
  2. Login with your gmail if asked.
  3. Click on the help button, you will have a new browser window. This is window B.
  4. One always on the SKO site: This is window C
  • Each time you click the question button in Window A, your window B will point to a new URL that is unique to the button.
  • If Window B display ""Page not found", then copy the last string of the URL for window B. Use window C to create a new page with the string after "/en/". Make sure it is a page not in the root directory. It is in /en/. 
  • If Window B display a real webpage in google site, then modify the content.