Testing WebASAT with GIFT

Note: This is only for users of GIFT... Does not apply to other users of SKO
Step 1: Open special installation of SKO on gifttutoring.org:
  • URL: http://cs.gifttutoring.org/ATL/authoring.html (do not copy and paste, just click the link it has other parameters).
    • You will need to login using your Google account (sorry, at this time, we use Google authentication)
    • After you login, you refresh (click the link above again). You will then enter the SKO editor with the last tab (AutoTutor (ASAT)) enabled
Step 2: Load/Open your scripts:
  • If you have a local xml file (output from desktop ASAT) or a saved from other places. Browse ==>Load
  • You may click "open" and then edit existing scripts.
  • The loading only works for ASAT output xml files. For example, not dkf files.
Step 3: Save the scripts:
  • Save the scripts (it will give you a date and time after you successfully saved your script).
Step 4: Obtain unique link to the script on the server
  • After you save the script, then click on the AutoTutor Tab.
  • Mouse over the edit box next to "AutoTutor URL", a link should be a link appear in the edit box.
  • Copy the link.
Step 5: Test the link
  • Open a browser (that you actually can view html source), and past the URL in the address bar.
  • Browse the URL and view the code. 
  • The xml should be the AutoTutor Scripts.
Step 6: Use the link
  • Locate where GIFT authoring tool and past the URL.
Step 7: The rest...
  • GIFT should take care the rest.