5. Creating misconceptions for your questions

For each question, there can be multiple "misconceptions". Misconceptions represent typical misunderstandings of a given problem. In AutoTutor Lite, the misconceptions work just like expectations. Expectations are considered to be covered if one of their "good" answers is matched. Misconceptions are selected if one of its "bad" answers is matched by student input. Misconceptions are particularly useful when they are voiced by a student agent.

There is a text and speech box for each misconception. This text will be spoken by whichever agent you select. 

These text and speech boxes work the same way the question text and speech boxes do. You may select an agent action you would like to be performed before and after the text is spoken by your agent. The misconception text will be spoken whenever a user input matches one of the misconception answers.

You may also edit the media you would like to have displayed when the misconception is being covered. For more information about adding media to your SKO, click here