4. Creating expectations for your questions

For each question, there can be multiple "expectations". Each expectation is a key idea or piece of information that is part of the complete answer of the main question. For each expectation, there are answers, hints, and prompts. If a student or user does not completely answer the question on the first attempt, he or she will be given an expectation hint which will guide the user to providing input that covers the target expectation.

There is a text and speech box for each expectation. This text will be spoken by whichever Agent you select.

These text and speech boxes work the same way the question text and speech boxes do. You may select an agent action you would like to be performed before and after the text is spoken by your agent. The expectation text will be spoken whenever a user either exhausts all of the relevant hints and prompts, or whenever the user adequately covers the one of the "expectation answers".