3. Creating your first question.

After you have created or edited your first Tutoring Pack, you need to add the first question you would like your student or user to answer. Click on the "Add" button located to the right of the question dropdown menu ("Q # 1" ). This will create a copy of the currently selected question by default. 

Select which agent you would like to ask the question. You can determine which action/animation you would like the agent to perform before the question is asked and after the question is asked, by selecting actions from the action drop down menus located to the right of the Agent Selection menu. 

For example, here the Tutor agent will "lookright" before asking the question and will give a "mouthsmile" when finished asking the question. 

The first box, located immediately below the agent actions, is where you can edit the text you would like to display to the user. This will be displayed when the agent is asking his or her question. The box beneath the text box is where you can edit the text you would like your agent to speak. In many cases the display text and the spoken text should be identical. These text boxes are very similar to the information delivery's text boxes. 

You may also edit the media you would like to have displayed when the question is being asked. For more information about adding media to your SKO, click here