ASAT in AutoTutor Lite Step by Step

You can now use AutoTutor Lite in conjunction with the original AutoTutor system. 

The AutoTutor Script Authoring Tool (ASAT) was developed at the University of Memphis. This tool helps authors to create conversation scripts for systems that use AutoTutor as the intelligent conversational engine. ASAT consists of content editing tools, templates for production rules, and a variety of additional functions. There are different versions of ASAT. The basic version of ASAT is used by domain experts to fill in conversation contents based on existing rule templates. Users who need to create new rules or integrate conversations with medias should use advanced version of ASAT.

If you are new to ASAT and AutoTutor Lite, it is recommended you use the more basic version of ASAT in AutoTutor Lite. The following step-by-step instructions are geared towards new users who are relatively unfamiliar with ASAT and AutoTutor Lite authoring.