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Tutoring Authoring: Seed Question & General Info

The "Tutoring" assessment is one of the most complete tutoring experiences offered by AutoTutor Lite. A typical tutoring assessment will require the user to input about two or three paragraphs of information. Think of this as a short essay.

There are 5 main components of a tutoring assessment in AutoTutor Lite.

1. The Seed Question

This is the overarching question that your users will first be presented with. It is best to ask deep level reasoning questions for the tutoring assessment type. For more information about deep level reasoning questions see "Question asking during tutoring" (Graesser & Person, 1994) and "The deep-level-reasoning-question effect: The role of dialogue and deep-level-reasoning questions during vicarious learning" (Craig, Sullins, Witherspoon, & Gholson, 2006).