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Select Teacher Avatar

To select your teacher's avatar, click on the "Select Avatar" button next to the "Teacher Avatar" box. 
This opens the "Avatar Selection" screen. You can select your avatar by clicking on the drop down menu.

Select your desired Language (English, Chinese), Voice, and Character combination and then click "load".

To test the Avatar, click on the "Speak" button. When you are finished click "OK". 

This Avatar always appears at the top left corner during information delivery, and is the avatar that will be interacting with the user during assessment. 

Uncheck the "Show" box to hide the avatar. 

Select Teacher Avatar Position:

You can change the position of the teacher avatar by placing values in the two empty boxes to the left of the "Select Avatar" button. Remember, the default position for the teacher avatar is the top right corner of the SKO. Let's move the teacher avatar's position closer to "Student 3's" position (bottom right) by putting a value (200) in the Y box.