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Edit Rigid Packs

The RigidPacks tab is where authors can add, remove, and edit rigid conversations between the tutor agent and the peer student agent. The term “rigid” here means that the user is not involved in the conversation A rigid pack conversation follows a fixed sequence without any branching. During an AutoTutor tutoring session, portions of the session can be devoted to information delivery, where the user learns information vicariously through a conversation between a tutee agent and a tutor agent. 

Authors can create multiple rigid packs for use throughout the tutoring session. Click on the "add" button to create a new rigid pack, and then change the name of the rigid pack in the box to the left of "add". Here you can add, delete, or edit your rigid packs. 

If you are familiar with basic AutoTutor Lite editing, you can imagine Rigid Packs as "information delivery" portion of your AutoTutor session. Each ID # represents the conversation turn between your tutor agent and tutee agent.