This is a step-by-step instruction to generate published SKOs. For UM team only.
  • Use this URL: Other URL will not work.
  • Click the publish checkbox. Which will enable the other buttons.
  • By clicking the last button [5. save MPR], you will have the MPR files for each of the avatars (teacher and two students).
  • Save them to the dropbox /sko2013/[cb/english/paul/carl_d8a59996-d82e-4bff-9500-d7ec6dc5490e.mpr] Notice that [cb/english/paul/ben_7de44c6b-4d37-4361-a65b-af5ad1626cac.mpr] is showing in the edit box.
  • Login in the as administrator.
  • Wait the dropbox to update/sync with MPR files.
  • Run Character Builder to compile the avatar files.
To test the published version, use this link:
  • This will automatically load the compiled versions of the avatars. 
  • If you use this:, the development version will be loaded.