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publish your sko

Click on each of the buttons in sequence. Wait for a second for each of the clicks. Click the last button to save the MPR files (needed to compile the avatars for the current SKO).

The publishing process is not yet automatic. You will need to contact us to generate the avatars for your SKO. Each SKO will have its own specially generated avatars. For example, SKO with guid=726ea383-84a6-48f2-afb7-c28d358cda3f, then the avatar will be [xxx]_726ea383-84a6-48f2-afb7-c28d358cda3f.swf, where [xxx] is the name of the avatar in the SKO.

To publish the SKO, you will need to send the SKO ID to the team at the UM. We will create a published version for you within 24 hours. We will be doing this only for collaborators UM researchers (because it is not yet automatic and need special attentions from our students). In the future, this process will be automatic. 

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