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Point & Query: Event Type

There are currently 4 different types of P&Q's you can include in your information delivery slides. 

The most simple type of P&Q is "Information". The information P&Q will display your content "Question" and "Answer" when scrolled over, and your selected agent will speak the "Speech" content when your users click on it. 

The "URL" event type can be used if you would like direct your users to a link in a new tab of their browser. The URL must be in the "http://www." format. See below for an example:

The "SKO" event type is used to redirect your users to a new AutoTutor Lite SKO. If you use this event type, be sure to include the GUID of the SKO you want to redirect your users to. Please note: instead of opening a new tab, clicking on this will replace/redirect the current window to a different SKO. See below for an example:

The "PopUp" event type is useful for asking your users a quick question. Clicking on the "PopUp" event type button will bring up a PopUp screen with three options for your users to select "Show me the Answer" which will display the answer content, "Let me Tell You" which will prompt your selected agent to speak what is in the "Speech" content, and "I know the answer!" which will close out of the PopUp screen and hide the P&Q for the current slide.