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Scene Configuration: Defaults

Clicking on the "Configure Component" tab under "Script Information" will allow you to edit the default settings for your module's slides. 
These 4 check boxes on the Script Information tab allow you to set the default slide configuration for your module.

  • Checking "Enable Click" will allow your users to click on an image to expand it to its full size, when needed. 
  • Checking "Auto Play" will automatically transition from one slide to another when the Avatar is done talking. 
  • Checking "Show Avatar" will show the avatar, or talking head. Leave this box unchecked if you would not like the talking head to appear for your slides. 
  • Checking "Use AIML" (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) will enable AIML for each of your slides during information delivery by default. 
This is for your convenience when authoring or editing your AutoTutor Lite modules. Each of your slides can have different settings (auto play off, enable click on, etc), but whenever you create new scenes for information delivery, these will be the default settings. 

Similarly, the Scene Configuration tab located under the Information Delivery tab allows you to edit the settings for an individual scene. 

Qiping Bao,
Mar 10, 2014, 6:39 PM