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LOM: Technical Requirements or Composite Name

Technical: This category describes the technical requirements and characteristics of this learning object.

Technical Requirements: It specifies the technical capabilities necessary for using this learning object. If there are multiple requirements, then all are required, i.e., the logical connector is AND.

Technical Composite:  This specifies Grouping of multiple requirements. The composite requirement is satisfied when one of the component requirements is satisfied, i.e., the logical connector is OR.

Technical Requirements or Composite Name: Need to specify the name of the required technology to use this learning object. It depends on the value of the "Type" data element.
  • If the Type = "Operating System" then the available choices are:
    • PCDOS
    • Ms-Windows
    • MacOS
    • UNIX
    • Multi-OS
    • None            
  • If the Type = "Browser" then the available choices are:
    •  Any
    • Netscape Communicator
    • Ms-Internet Explorer
    • Opera
    • Amaya