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LOM: General Structure

General This category groups the general information that describes this learning object as a whole.

General Structure: This data element specifies the underlying organizational structure of this learning object.Need to select one from the data values "Atomic" ,"Collection" ,"Networked" ,"Hierarchical" ,"Linear"  of drop down list.
The details are as follows;
  • Atomic:         An object that is indivisible (in this context).
  • Collection:    A set of objects with no specified relationship between them.
  • Networked:   A set of objects with relationships that are unspecified.
  • Hierarchical: A set of objects whose relationships can be represented by a tree structure.
  • Linear :         A set of objects that are fully ordered. Example: A set of objects that are connected by "previous"                      and "next" relationships.

Generally,a learning object with Structure="atomic"will typically have 1.8. General.Aggregation Level=1. A learning object with Structure="collection", "linear", "hierarchical" or "networked" will typically have
1.8:General.Aggregation Level=2, 3 or 4.