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LOM: General Aggregation Level

General: This category groups the general information that describes this learning object as a whole.

General Aggregation Level: The data element specifies the functional granularity of this learning object.
Select one data value "Level 1" ,"Level 2", "Level 3", "Level 4" from the given drop down list.
The details of the data values are as follows:
  • Level 1: The smallest level of aggregation, e.g., raw media data or fragments.
  • Level 2: A collection of level 1 learning objects, e.g., a lesson.
  • Level 3: A collection of level 2 learning objects, e.g., a course.
  • Level 4: The largest level of granularity, e.g., a set of courses that lead to a certificate.These  objects can                      contain level 3 objects, or can recursively contain other level 4 objects.

1. If the learning object is a digital picture of the Mona Lisa, 1.7:General.Structure=Atomic and
    1.8:General.Aggregation Level=1.
2If the learning object is a lesson with the digital picture of the Mona Lisa, 1.7:General.Structure=Collection or
    Networked (since there are two descriptions of the same type of Structure) and
    1.8:General.Aggregation Level=2.
3If the learning object is a course on the Mona Lisa, 1.7:General.Structure=Linear if the documents are intended to     be viewed linearly and 1.8:General.AggregationLevel=3.
4If the learning object is a collection of lessons on the Mona Lisa from different sources,
    1.7:General.Structure=Collection and 1.8:General:Aggregation Level=3.
5. If the learning object is a set of courses with a full history, description, interpretation, etc. of the Mona Lisa,
    1.7:General.Structure=Linear or Hierarchical and 1.8:General.AggregationLevel=4.

Generally, a learning object with Aggregation Level=1 will typically have 1.7:General.Structure="atomic". A learning object with Aggregation Level=2, 3 or 4 will typically have 1.7:General.Structure= "collection", "linear","hierarchical" or "networked".