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LOM: Educational Typical Learning Time Duration

Educational: This category describes the key educational or pedagogic characteristics of this learning object.

Educational Typical Learning Time: In this data element, specify approximate or typical time it takes to work with or through this learning object for the typical intended target audience.
It has to be in a specific format P[yY][mM][dD][T[hH][nM][s[.s]S]] where:
y = number of years
(integer, > 0, not restricted)
m = number of months
(integer, > 0, not restricted, e.g., > 12 is acceptable)
d = number of days
(integer, > 0, not restricted, e.g., > 31 is acceptable)
h = number of hours
(integer, > 0, not restricted, e.g., > 23 is acceptable)
n = number of minutes
(integer, > 0, not restricted, e.g., > 59 is acceptable)
s = number of seconds or fraction of seconds
(integer, > 0, not restricted, e.g., > 59 is acceptable)

The character literal designators "P", "Y", "M", "D", "T", "H", "M", "S" must
appear if the corresponding nonzero value is present.

Example: "PT1H30M" - 1 hour 30 minutes , "PT2H45M45S" - 2 hours 45 minutes 45 seconds etc.