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LOM: Educational Semantic Density

Educational: This category describes the key educational or pedagogic characteristics of this learning object.

Educational Semantic Density: In this data element, we need to specify the degree of conciseness of a learning
object. The semantic density of a learning object may be estimated in terms of its size, span, or in the case of self-timed resources such as audio or video duration. The semantic density of a learning object is independent of its difficulty.
The available choices are:
  • Very low
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Very high

  • For "Active" documents ,the user interface of a simulation
    • Low Semantic Density:  A screen filled up with explanatory text, a picture of a combustion engine, and a single button labeled "Click here to continue".
    • High Semantic Density:  Screen with short text, same picture, and three buttons labeled "Change compression ratio", "Change octane index", "Change ignition point advance".
  • For "Expositive" documents with medium difficulty text document
    • Medium Semantic Density:  "The class of Marsupial animals comprises a number of relatively primitive mammals. They are endowed with a short placentation, after which they give birth to a larva. The larva thereafter takes refuge in the mother's marsupium, where it settles to finish its complete development".
    • High Semantic Density:  "Marsupials are primitive mammals, with short placentation followed by the birth of larva, which thereafter takes refuge in the marsupium to finish its development".
  • For "Expositive" documents with easy video document
    • Low Semantic Density:  The full recorded footage of a conversation between two experts on the differences between Asian and African elephants; 30 minutes duration.
    • High Semantic Density:  An expertly edited abstract of the same conversation; 5 minutes duration.
  • For "Expositive" documents with difficult mathematical notation
    • Medium Semantic Density:  The text representation of the theorem: For any given set j, it is always possible to define another set y, which is a super set of j.
    • Very high Semantic Density: The symbolic representation (formula) of the theorem (j subset of y: y É j).