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LOM: Educational Interactivity Type

Educational: This category describes the key educational or pedagogic characteristics of this learning object.

Educational Interactivity Type: This gives the predominant mode of learning supported by this learning object.
Select one from the choices "Active" ,"Expositive", "Mixed".

The details are as follows:
  • Active: "Active" learning (e.g., learning by doing) is supported by content that directly induces productive action by the learner. An active learning object prompts the learner for semantically meaningful input or for some other kind of productive action or decision, not necessarily performed within the learning object's framework. Active documents include simulations, questionnaires, and exercises.
  • Expositive: "Expositive" learning (e.g., passive learning) occurs when the learner's job mainly consists of absorbing the content exposed to him (generally through text, images or sound). An expositive learning object displays information but does not prompt the learner for any semantically meaningful input. Expositive documents include essays, videoclips, all kinds of graphical material, and hypertext documents.
  • Mixed:  When a learning object blends the active and expositive interactivity types, then its interactivity type is "mixed".