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LOM: Educational Interactivity Level

Educational: This category describes the key educational or pedagogic characteristics of this learning object.

Educational Interactivity Level: In this data element, we need to specify the degree of interactivity characterizing this learning object. Interactivity means that refers to the degree to which the learner can influence the aspect or behavior of the learning object.

The available choices are :
  • Very low
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Very high

Generally,learning objects with 5.1 Educational Interactivity Type ="Active" may have a high interactivity level( for example, a simulation environment endowed with many controls) or low interactivity level (for example, a written set of instructions that solicit an activity).
Similarly, learning objects with 5.1 Educational Interactivity Type= "Expositive" may have a low interactivity level( for example,a piece of linear,narrative text produced with a standard word processor) or medium to high interactivity level(for example, a sophisticated hyper document, with many internal links and views).