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LOM: Life Cycle Contribute Entity

Life Cycle: This category describes the history and current state of this learning object and those entities that have affected this learning object during its evolution.

Life Cycle Contribute: This given the information about those entities (i.e., people, organizations) that have contributed to the state of this learning object during its life cycle (e.g., creation, edits, publication).

This data element is different from 3.3. Meta-Metadata.Contribute. Contributions should be considered in a very broad sense here, as all actions that affect the state of the learning object.

Life Cycle Contribute Entity: It specifies the identification of and information about entities (i.e., people, organizations) contributing to this learning object. The entities shall be ordered as most relevant first.
Example:  " First Name: Joe ,Telephone: +1 919-555-7878, Title : Graduate Assistant, Email:".
The smallest permitted maximum characters are :1000.