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LOM: Classification Taxon Path Taxon ID

Classification: This category describes where this learning object falls within a particular classification system.

Classification Taxon Path: It represents a taxonomic path in a specific classification system. Each succeeding level is a refinement in the definition of the preceding level. There may be different paths, in the same or different classifications, which describe the same characteristic.

Classification Taxon Path Taxon: It is  a particular term within a taxonomy. A taxon is a node that has a defined label or term. A taxon may also have an alphanumeric designation or identifier for standardized reference. Either or both the label and the entry may be used to designate a particular taxon.

Classification Taxon Path Taxon ID: In this data element ,specify the identifier of the taxon, such as a number or letter combination provided by the source of the taxonomy.
Example: "320" or "5.2.3" "AD568" etc.
The smallest permitted maximum characters are: 100.