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Tutoring: Feedback (Canned Expressions)

The "Feedback" tab of Tutoring is where authors get to include a bit of flavor in the tutoring interaction. These are "Canned Speech" expressions. Canned speech expressions are tutor or tutee utterances that are used as stock replies to user input. For example, if the user provides a correct response to a tutor question, the tutor will then randomly select one of the "Positive" canned utterances (e.g., Correct!, You're on the right track, etc). To add a canned speech click on the "Add entry" button at the bottom left corner of the screen. 

Similarly, you can adjust what tutors will say before providing a hint, and before providing positive, neutral, or negative feedback. There are also canned expressions that can be adjusted for whenever AutoTutor begins to read the Summary of a Tutoring interaction and whenever students provide feedback that is irrelevant (Tutor Dialog).