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Multiple Choice Authoring

The multiple choice assessment type is best used to assess shallow level knowledge. AutoTutor Lite's multiple choice is similar to your average multiple choice assessment type, with up to 5 choices per question. However, with AutoTutor Lite's Multiple Choice assessment type you can provide hints, feedback, and a dynamic assessment experience. 

1. Question
To begin, type your question into the Question box. Be sure to use both the spoken and display text so your users can re-read the question. 

2. Choices
After you have decided on what question to ask, you can begin authoring the choices for the question. 

For this question, Choice A is the correct answer. To indicate that this is the correct answer, mark the "Correct Answer" box. The "included" and "activated" boxes are also checked to insure that this choice is displayed to the user. 

3. Choice Hints
For each choice, you can have a set of hints to provide the user. When the user is attempting to answer the question, there will be a "hint" button he or she can click. A single hint will then be provided to the user. You can add several hints for each choice. 

4. Multiple Choice phrasings

For each multiple choice option you can select up to 5 different phrasings. Each CHOICE can have its own set of hints and feedback.

5. Selection Feedback
After a user selects a choice, they will receive a feedback message from the tutor. This works best if the feedback lets the user know if they were correct or incorrect, with a brief explanation explaining why they were correct or incorrect.