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Adding Self-Reflection & General Info

One of the two assessment types that utilizes natural language processing in real time is "Self Reflection". The Self Reflection assessment type can be inserted anywhere in your AutoTutor Lite module. A unique feature of the Self Reflection assessment type is that it can be inserted in any AutoTutor Lite module (e.g., Tutoring, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, etc). 

The self reflection assessment type is best thought as a typical "short answer" question. Ideally, you would like your students/users to answer a single question with two or three sentences. For questions that require lengthier answers (two+ paragraphs) the "Tutoring" assessment type is best. 

The three major components of a self reflection assessment type include: the Seed Question, the Semantic Answer, and the Feedback 

You can insert a self-reflection slide almost anywhere in your information delivery. To insert a self-reflection into your information delivery click on the "L" button under the Information Delivery tab.

You can rearrange the order of your slides and your self-reflections by clicking on the slide you want to move, and then clicking on the "A" or "V" buttons.

After you have created a new self-reflection, you can edit the title and author notes by clicking on the "Author Notes" tab. For more information about author notes, click here.