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TU and LCC: No Feedback given if student input is below some threshold

posted Jun 2, 2014, 2:04 PM by Keith Shubeck
I have LCC feedback triggers applied for each of the following values:
  • near .0
  • near .1
  • near .2
  • near .3 
  • near .4
  • near .5
  • near .6
  • greater than .6

However, when I provide the following input: "I don't know." or "asdalkajsdfl", etc., no feedback from the Tutor is provided.

This error/bug is new for the LCC / Self-Reflection assessment type.

I noticed a similar issue with TU assessment type feedback. If "I don't know" or some jibberish is provided as student input, the TU will not respond.